Monthly Archives: April 2021

Introducing the Weather Report Live Performance Database

Ever since John Sanna’s website went offline, we haven’t had an online resource enumerating Weather Report’s live performances. In addition, I’ve done a bunch of research for a book I have written about Weather Report (more on that very soon), and I’ve documented many more performances than John had, especially those in the United States. So I’m finally bringing this information online. You can access the database by clicking “Gigs” in the header above, or by clicking here.

The database includes all Weather Report performances of which I am aware. Unless otherwise indicated, performances are documented from newspaper advertisements, reviews, posters, ticket stubs, or other ephemera.

In some cases, performances are included without documentation based on their inclusion in previous lists, such as Undocumented performances are indicated by an asterisk (*) following the name of the venue. The hardest performances for me to document are those that took place in Europe and South America.

I don’t have a way for visitors to add their own documentation directly (ticket stubs, etc.), but I would love to include anything that you would like to share. In order to do so, shoot me an email using the Contact page.

Anyway, head on over and check it out. You can add comments to individual performances–for example, recollections of ones that you attended.


I have added a search feature so that you can search for performances by venue, city, state, or country. And just for fun, I have added an “on this day” feature in the sidebar that shows the Weather Report performances that occurred on this day.