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    1. Dan Heffner

      I’ve been moved by Weather Report from day one, heard the band live one time in Cinti OH, with Gravatt and Vitous. Tale Spinnin’ was a favorite, and now I am listening to all of them, a few for the first time. Really appreciate your site, I like reading up on each album as I replay them.

    2. Max

      Among my lifetime great artists, Weather Report are on the top of the list since the first time I discovered them. It was quite during the 1976 and ’77 period, when they made two among the most beautiful records ever, Black Market and Heavy Weather. 44 years after these masterpieces still give off they richest essence, their incommensurable greatness !

      To Curt 🙂 Thank you very very much for this nice and rich data base. I’ve just a question. Why did you stop the gig’s list at 1984 ?
      Greetings from Paris, France.

      1. curt Post author

        Thank you for the comments, Max. The reason the gig list ends in 1984 is because that was the last year that Weather Report performed live. In 1985, Wayne began performing with his own band completely separate from Weather Report. In 1986, Joe Zawinul fielded a band called Weather Update, without Wayne. It lasted for a European and U.S. tour, and that was it. After that, Joe formed the Zawinul Syndicate.

    3. Michael Murray

      Thanks much for this site. I just read Wayne Shorter passed away today. I remember seeing Weather Report in college, and was almost positive it was fall 1977 in Boulder, but did not see that concert date on another list. But I see now on your list they did a concert Nov. 15, 1977 in Macky Auditorium, which had to have been it. Just an amazing show, including impressive solos all around and from what I recall Wayne holding forth from the center. What a life in jazz and beyond. Rest in peace, Wayne.

      1. curt Post author

        Thanks for the note, Michael. Glad you got to see Weather Report at its peak. And yes, Wayne had a great life. RIP.


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