December 15, 1972

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Winterland, San Francisco, CA

Mothers Of Invention, Copperhead


San Francisco Examiner 72-12-10 72-12-11 72-12-16


2 thoughts on “December 15, 1972

  1. Mark A. White

    I attended this Friday show, mostly to hear Zappa’s Petit Wazoo and Copperhead (hadn’t heard them before but loved Cipollina’s previous QMS stint.). Zappa was good, Copperhead was so-so, but Weather Report was FANTASTIC! ( I remember Eric was right up front.). For years I thought the tape/CDr I had was the night I saw them. (Thank you Curt for clearing up the billing for these two nights.). I also remember Zawinul & Co. walking directly past my friend & me and into the Winterland side entrance as we waited in line. Ooo-wee, one of those moments!

    1. curt Post author

      Thanks for the firsthand account, Mark. It’s alway fun to hear from people who were actually there.


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