November 3, 1974

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University Union Auditorium, Illinois State University, Normal, IL (canceled)

This concert was rescheduled for Nov. 5. According to newspaper accounts the original concert was canceled because the band's sound system wasn't delivered. Another account indicates that Wayne Shorter was ill.


Ticket stub, Billboard 74-11-02, The Vidette 74-10-03 74-11-05 74-11-07


3 thoughts on “November 3, 1974

  1. Bill Spectre

    I was at that gig. My stub looks just like this one except mine has a bit more of the word Weather. And it was seat left 4 14
    This show show did not actually happen on the 3rd.
    Wayne was sick and the band stayed at the local Holiday Inn and performed on the following Thursday.

    The show was great but I don’t remember who the drummer was???

    1. curt Post author

      Good info, Bill. You caused me to do a little research and I discovered that the rescheduled concert took place on Tuesday, Nov. 5. I found a review of the show which I have included in the media files.


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