November 15, 1974

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Social Room, Harpur College, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

According to a review of this performance, José Cheo Santos was the percussionist, replacing Dom Um Romáo, who abruptly left the band after Joe Zawinul told him what to play one too many times.


Performance 74-11-08, The Pipe Dream (Binghamton University) 74-11-19 74-11-12


2 thoughts on “November 15, 1974

    1. curt Post author

      Thanks for the note, John. Given your information I was able to find a review of the show (there were two that night), which I have added to this post. Interestingly, it notes that the percussionist was Jose Cheo Santos. Dom Um Romáo had abruptly left the band at around this time after Zawinul told him what to play one too many times. Santos must have been a short-term replacement.


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