June 1, 1977

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Ivanhoe, Chicago, IL

Two shows.


Chicago Daily News 06-01-77, Chicago Tribune 77-05-29


2 thoughts on “June 1, 1977

  1. Blake Bruner

    I had just moved to Chicago. My first job was at The Ivanhoe. I started June 1, 1977 as an usher with this phenomenal band opening a two night stand. I was the lone male usher. The others were real cuties, females who worked days as runners at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The Ivanhoe was originally a dinner theatre. So it was a small intimate experience, seating 275 at most.
    I had Miles Davis’ albums Bitche’s Brew and Jock Johnson. And a couple John McLaughlin albums. So, I’d read the names Shorter and Zawinul. Weather Report had radio play, but were not a legend to most of us in 1977. To use a popular phrase of the time, “they blew the top of my skull right off my head”. I knew I had seen something incedibly special (I worked both shows), but admittedly did not fully appreciate it at the time. I did, however become a Weather Report and Wayne Shorter fan. That summer had a number of great concerts. I’ve had to look up histories to find out who some of the great musicians were that I saw there. Like, was it Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins with Genesis that summer?


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