June 11, 1982

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Mann Music Center, Kool Jazz Festival, Philadelphia, PA

Opening act: Innersections


Philadelphia Daily News 82-06-12, Ticket stub


One thought on “June 11, 1982

  1. Bob

    I was at this show. I had no idea Jaco and Erskine were gone (pre internet days obviously). The show started with “Procession” at very low volume as the lights very slowly rose. Was instantly impressed with the new band. The next day I received the newest “Down Beat” with the new WR featured on the cover. I waltzed right out and bought the “Procession” album that day. I tried to get backstage to see my friend Bruce from Innersections, but rock star security told me to F off and pointed to the parking lot. BTW, I pre-ordered your new book. Can’t wait to read it!


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