The Jaco Documentary is here!

Jaco: The Film

My guess is that most Jaco Pastorius fans are aware of the Jaco Pastorius documentary that has long been in the works. I think there were some aborted efforts at this years ago, but when Metallica bass player and Jaco fan Robert Trujillo got involved that this project really picked up steam. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here. The documentary has been screening in select theaters, and later this month the DVD and Blue-ray will be released. All the reports I’ve seen indicate that the filmmakers have done a great job. A friend of mine saw it in Seattle earlier this week and said, “I loved this movie. I also wish I could go back in time and save Jaco.” I’m sure that’s a sentiment that we all share.

You can pre-order the DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon, or pre-order it direct from the filmmakers here. There is also a companion soundtrack album scheduled for release at the same time. The release date is November 27, which is also Record Store Day (and “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving.) That means, hopefully, that you’ll be able to find the documentary in your favorite record store if you prefer the old-fashioned experience of actually going to a record store, like I do. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Jaco Documentary is here!

  1. Oscar Henrique de Souza e Silva


    I have an original, and is with double DVD. No subtitles.

    Jaco was the man!

    God bless him!

  2. Demetrios Lathouris

    I’ve literally talked to Joe in my dreams more than once: in a cafe where he couldn’t keep his eyes off the waitress, while walking down a winding street in Tallin, Estonia, and while looking over my shoulder grinning as I played-pushing me like he did Erskine when the beat lagged.
    I was 15 in 1970 when I first heard this band,Clive Davis himself turned me on to them. I saw them at Cornell Univ. in 1974 on a bill with Mahavishnu when they smoked. My blood has run Scarlet ever since.
    To me, pretty much everyone else is just fine, but just not anywhere as wondrous. My religion, my soul, my mind- was cultivated by Joe and Wayne; riding the skies on a horse of fire like Apollo. The only music where silence was weightless and sound was levitating. Audio gear would have been created if only to capture it, as man created God- it was necessary.
    How often does this music, still unapproachable by any, lift my spirit to its source. I’m beyond gratitude.
    A book is in my head, maybe just some essays, where I will put it down proper.

  3. Demetrios Lathouris

    My brother George took me to see Joe at JALC on my 50th; his last shows in NYC. Front row center, and tho we could tell something was up w/him physically- his warmth for the audience was as if this was farewell- the music was stronger and could not have been better.
    Only Joe could play synths as if they were acoustic instruments- making them legit. Most others don’t even have a clue. We’ve lost G. Duke, FZ, Joe, Jaco…my boys, and I thank the people who made this site to keep it alive for us.


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