Tony Zawinul’s Weather Report Documentary

Joe’s eldest son, Tony, who also manages the Zawinul estate, is crowd-funding a documentary about Weather Report. You can get the details here. Per Tony’s description:

The film’s amazing cast draws from the early days with Miroslav Vitous and then Alphonso Johnson to the addition of drummers like Chester Thompson and Alex Acuna and further evolving with Jaco Pastorius and Peter Erskine — and then the final years with Omar Hakim and Victor Bailey. Each incarnation of Weather Report was distinct, individually groundbreaking and electrified audiences around the world.

We’ll also hear from the music producers, record executives and managers, and from the generations of musicians who felt the impact of the band.

It’s a huge undertaking to unearth and record the 16 years of Weather Report’s storied history and your support and contributions will allow us to make this happen together.

There are a number of premiums depending on your contribution level. He’s reached about 50% of his funding goal so far. So go have a look and help get in production what promises to be a great piece on Weather Report.

6 thoughts on “Tony Zawinul’s Weather Report Documentary

  1. David Roberts

    Hey…when are the perks going to be sent? I’m looking forward to my $110 set, especially THE HAT!

  2. Randy

    What a scam this is turning out to be. If Tony Zawinul can not handle this, he should hand it off to someone else… If you look @ the comments page on the site, you see a whole lot of disgruntled and angry people who feel they have been ripped off. He is not holding the spirit and legacy of his father in the best of light. The Joe that I knew had more integrity than this

    1. Craig Purdie

      Joe was a man of principals. I doubt that he would’ve allowed Tony to punk people like this. It’s a damn shame. $62,438 USD raised by 711 backers, and NOT ONE SINGLE DVD has been produced in 3 years!

  3. JP

    Not a word from Tony since. Give the money back and release to the youtube channel a new rare audio and video interview each week. Monitize the channel.

    Thiis is the only way this gets out. Eventually someone focused and capable will splice it all together for a proper documentary.

  4. Rick Mathis

    This “documentary” was a total scam. I never received a thing. I contacted Tony the last time two years ago personally about this and was told to send him my address and he would get my perks to me. I did. He didn’t. Joe must be turning over in his grave to see his good name and legacy turned into a scam to defraud people of their hard-earned money.


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